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UCSO Deputies Took 10 DUI Drivers Off The Road During Pre-Halloween Blitz

Posted On : 10/31/2018 3:36:48 PM

Deputies with the Utah County Sheriff's Office conducted a blitz with the goal of getting impaired drivers off the road. Some of them wore costumes, but so did some designated drivers!

*** PRESS RELEASE *** October 31, 2018, Halloween!: On Saturday, October 27, last weekend, Deputies with the Utah County Sheriff's Office conducted a blitz aimed at removing impaired drivers from the roads in Utah County. While fifteen Deputies participated, five of them were in training and were partnered with an experienced Deputy. The blitz began at 9:00 PM and ran through 2:00 the next morning. Being near the Halloween Holiday, it was expected that many drivers and revelers would be in costume, and they did not disappoint. Total results included 10 DUI arrests, 15 drug offenses, 5 alcohol offenses, and 11 vehicle impounds. One DUI arrest solved a longstanding mystery. Waldo was found! But he was impaired and was booked into jail. The Snow White Queen (Or maybe Snow White herself?) made a bad choice and went to jail for DUI. On the other end of the spectrum some of the responsible, designated drivers included a pirate, a French maid, and a very Halloween appropriate zombie type character. That DD had two intoxicated zombies in his car. That is how celebrating is supposed to happen! But for those 10 drivers who had not yet learned that lesson, their night ended with that trip to jail with potential for significant impact on their future and finances. But the public was safer because of those arrests.

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